Top 4 Interior Design Trends for Luxury Living (2022)

Looking to spruce up your space and give it the luxe factor? Whether you’re redesigning your interior for yourself or for luxury home staging, this article is your one-stop shop for luxury interior design inspiration. So, grab a mug of coffee and cuddle up on your couch as we go learn how to make your home more luxurious using these top four trends you simply cannot miss!

Mix & Match Design Styles

Interiors designed using a single style are making their way out of the door. Instead, luxury homes are now incorporating a blend of distinctive styles, such as a mixture of boho and mid-century modern. Pick the design styles you love, and incorporate your favorite elements from each.

In that regard, the eclectic design style is a famous favorite. It artfully mixes elements from several styles, creating a visually attractive yet coherent look. Its informal mix of furnishings and patterns is another reason we love it — more on that below!

Play With Patterns and Textures

The latest trends in luxury living are all about going bold with your choices. Play around with different patterns — from chinoiseries and stripes to buffalo plaid and chevron, there is a multitude of options to choose from.

Additionally, layer different textures for the ultimate look of luxury. Velvet-covered armchairs, faux fur stools, woolen throw blankets, and linen drapes are a few ways to incorporate different textures and create visual interest.

Borrow Decor From Nature

Luxury interior design inspiration lies right beyond your eyes as you step out of the house: Mother Nature. Connect your interior to nature through floral patterns, natural hues, and of course, plants. If you’re not much of a plant parent, faux plants have your back!

You can either sprinkle a few plants across your interior or completely commit to biophilic design and embrace nature as an integral part of your interior. Famous plant varieties to grow indoors include Golden Pothos, Heartleaf Philodendron, and Devil’s Ivy.

Create A Mindful Space By Injecting Personality

Finally, one hot trend for luxury living is unapologetically reflecting yourself and your personality in your interior. Whenever you make a choice for your interior, ask yourself, “Does this have a tie with my interests, hobbies, and pleasures? Does this selection truly make me happy?.”

By doing so, you can create a mindful space. This is especially important since our interior styles are believed to have connections with our emotions and well-being. You’d thank yourself for incorporating decor you love to wake up to everyday!

Final Words

With these top four interior design trends, you can nail luxury living like never before! Pick your favorites and begin working towards a space that you connect with. The best interiors are those that speak to your personality.

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