Luxury Home Staging: What NOT To Do

You’ve deep cleaned your space, removed all the clutter, and made efforts to depersonalize it — and now you think you’re all prepped to let the buyers in.


Are you sure you’ve done it all right?

There’s more to staging luxury homes than just decluttering and depersonalizing. Follow us through this blog post as we shed light on what NOT to do in luxury home staging, and make sure the boxes remain unticked!

Neglecting The Benefits of Rugs

It’s easy for a neutral, depersonalized space to feel bland and boring. Leveraging the use of rugs overcomes this problem. In addition to softening the space underfoot, rugs function as artwork for the floor.

Rugs are especially important for open-floor plans. They can help define different areas and prevent the furniture from looking like it’s floating — a major turn-off for buyers.

Displaying Too Many Small Items

Going overboard with the decor creates a sense of clutter and makes the space feel smaller than it actually is. For example, using too many small-scale items on the coffee table takes away from its visual appeal. Instead, display a large ginger jar coupled with a plant for a neater, more sophisticated look.

Not Using Mirrors for Small Spaces

For narrow hallways and small bathrooms, leveraging the use of mirrors creates an illusion of more space. Strategically positioning these reflects light and makes the (actually constricted) space feel roomy. Bonus — mirrors add a touch of luxury, too!

Not Considering Potential Buyers

Before staging your home, it is important to take a few moments to think about your potential buyers. Will they be a family of four? Buyers with pets? Or a single professional with no family?

If you’re setting up a condominium in downtown, you’d focus on creating a home office instead of a nursery. For large luxury homes, you’d want to stage a nursery and home gym.

However, be careful not to be too specific with the decor. You want your space to appeal to as many buyers as possible!

Final Words

Luxury home staging isn’t as simple as it sounds. You have to pay attention to the details to make sure you’re making your space look welcoming, uncluttered, spacious, and tailored to the needs of potential buyers. And with the NOT-to-do checklist given in this blog post, you can create an interior that is bound to attract hefty prices!

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