Interior Design Styles of The Year!

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There’s so much you may have in mind for your next design project, but you may still struggle to find the right vocabulary to explain your interests and taste. A lack of formal knowledge about interior design can cause this — but nothing a little know-how of design styles can’t overcome!

To get you started, let’s briefly learn about the interior design styles that are here to stay:


This one’s for folks who find joy in the simple things. Featuring clean lines and sleek geometries, the Scandinavian style keeps the ambiance laid-back and minimal. A neutral color palette, functional furnishings, and uncluttered spaces are its main aspects.

However, sleek spaces can easily feel cold and uninviting, and Scandi-style caters to this by incorporating textures and using soft hues.


The eclectic design style is an emerging favorite amongst luxury homes. Instead of focusing on a single style, it brings together elements from various interior design styles.

Its color palette is bold and bright, while decor pieces focus on culture-rich collectibles. It smoothly brings together old and new, contemporary, and traditional, forming a visually attractive interior.


The transitional interior design style is the perfect blend of contemporary lines with traditional elegance. It is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine, and this subtle balance between extremes is what makes it so appealing.

Curved furniture and smooth lines are its key features, while the color palette is largely beiges and browns topped with bold accents. To achieve the look, blend modern materials (such as marble and glass) with traditional wood.


With its carefree ambiance and minimal rules, the bohemian (boho) design style is gaining popularity. This free-spirited aesthetic has room for designing flexibility and following one’s heart!

Vintage furniture, globally inspired textiles, and comfortable seating spaces are an integral part of boho interiors. Displaying your collectibles (such as souvenirs from your travels and holiday decorations) is necessary for this design style!


If luxury living is your aim, the glam interior design style is necessary to have on your list! This dramatic and opulent style is ideal for folks wishing to make a statement with their interior.

Its key features are bold color palettes, high-end upholstery, and plush, tufted furnishings. This style also splurges on lighting fixtures; golden floor lamps and crystal chandeliers are famous favorites here. There’s room to play with textures and display antiques — especially artwork!

Final Words

With ever-evolving trends in the interior design industry, there’s always room to learn more — and the top five interior design styles of the year, as discussed above, are a suitable place to start. Remember, more educated choices equate to more successful design projects!

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