How To Decorate & Stage Your Home for Sale

Preparing to sell your home? Here’s what you need to know — decorating your space and staging it the right way will get your house a much higher price than an unprepped space! And if you’re looking for a quick and comprehensive guide on how to decorate and stage your home for sale, this article has your back!


Get Rid of Extra Clutter

Since you’re going to be moving out your belongings after your house is sold, so why not remove some of them before showing your house. Fill cardboard boxes with unsightly items (such as seasonal clothing and holiday decorations) and move them to a friend’s garage.

Organize And Arrange

As you get rid of extra belongings, be sure to remove items from cluttered cabinets and organize and arrange them. Only display enough items for the closets to look spacious and roomy — you don’t want to scare off buyers by showing them even your items don’t fit!

Clean The House Thoroughly

From the kitchen counters to the bathroom cabinets, dust, mop, and wash everything thoroughly. Get rid of chipped paint and carpet dents, and make sure everything is squeaky clean.

Depersonalize The Space

As much as you love displaying family photos and personal interests, these may deter a sale! Buyers wish to envision themselves in your home, and with a space personalized to you, they may find it difficult to do so. Take down any wedding photos, awards, religious items, and even refrigerator art to create a neutral space.

Rearrange the Furniture and Decor

Sometimes, all you need for a quick spruce up is rearranging your current belongings. Move furniture around and find a setting that is more visually appealing. For example, use different seaters as the end chairs for your dining room. Also switch up decor, dividing wall art across the house so no wall remains bland.

Accessorize With Greenery

Plants offer a way to add texture to a space while making the ambiance more inviting. So, sprinkle plants all across your house. You may also rent houseplants or opt for faux plants. Don’t forget to add a bucket of flowers at the entrance to make it more welcoming!

Make Your Space Well-Lit

Nothing repels buyers like a dimly lit home. So, replace any outdated fixtures and consider investing in uplights, placing them in corners around the house. You may also want to use string lights on the front porch for a cozy first impression. When buyers come for a visit, keep the drapes folded up to allow natural light to enter and switch on all the lights.


Make Your Home Smell Pleasant

Smells have a significant impact on one’s mind and well-being, so make sure your house smells nice when potential buyers come for a visit. Diffuse essential oils or burn scented candles around the space. Bonus points if you bake cookies or brew coffee when you have visitors!

Stage Cozy Corners

Make your buyers feel at home by staging cozy spots. A tea corner overlooking a garden, a vase of fresh-cut flowers in the entrance, and a throw blanket laid on the sofa — there are multiple ways to do so!

Final Words

As you tick off each item from this list, you’ll be one step closer to a home that sells faster and catches higher rates. Once done, ask a friend to come over and give their feedback — and suggestions on where you can improve — before opening doors for buyers.

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